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Doula Q&A

Do You Offer Both Birth & Postpartum Doula Support? Yes! I am a trained birth & postpartum doula, as well as Newborn Care Specialist.

When Did You Do Your Trainings? Birth Doula: 2010; Postpartum Doula: 2016; Infant Massage Educator 2017; Gentle Sleep Consultant 2018; Potty Training Consultant 2019; Newborn Care Specialist 2020.

Are You A Certified Birth Doula? Yes! I am certified through PALS
Are You A Certified Postpartum Doula? No, I chose not to certify through any organization for postpartum, but I am certified as a Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions.

How Many Births Have You Attended? As of October 2021, around 86

How Many Families Have You Support Postpartum? I have no idea! I was a nanny from 2007-2015, and then a postpartum doula, NCS, & Certified Sleep Consultant in the years to follow. I have support hundreds of families under these rolls. 

How Many Clients Do You Take Per Month? I take 2-3 per month, and take many months off per year to rest and rejuvinate.

Are You Willing To Take Photos at My Birth? Absolutely! I am not a trained photographer, but am happy to use your personal phone or camera to take photos during labor, birth, and/or postpartum.