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Partnered Massage Classes

Partnered Massage classes are offered at my massage Queen Anne studio or in your home for an additional $15 travel charge. These are individual, personalized classes tailored to meet the needs of you and your partner in attendance. During this 90 minute class you and your partner will learn how to provide a therapeutic massage at home that is safe for both you and the person receiving. This class is great to attend with a partner, family member, or friend.

We will spend the beginning of class with a small lecture on techniques, safe practices, and body mechanics followed by a hands-on exchange with you and your partner. If the class takes place in my office then we will do the hands on practice on my massage table, with a discussion to follow about how to use these skills at home. If the class is done in your home we will seek out a comfortable setting in your living or outdoor space to do the hands-on practice. 


Cost: $75/class in my office or $90 at your home. 


Cancellation: Please provide 24 hour's notice if you're unable to make your registered class