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At What Age Should I Begin "Sleep Training"?

The AAP advises no sleep training before 4 months of age.


Is there any support options for sleep from 0-3 months?

Yes! Postpartum doulas offer a variety of postpartum support to families during the "fourth trimester," often including sleep support. I offer half-night infant sleep support, as late as 2am. At this time I'm more than happy to educate about safe sleep practices, developing circadian rhythms, etc. which will eventually lead to better sleep habits as they age.


We are currently pregnant and would like some general information about sleep habits, is that a possibility?

Yes! I offer a tiered system of package options and suggest the Tier 1 option for expecting parents.


We bedshare and would like to keep doing so, but are in need of longer stretches of sleep in between wakes. Can you help?

Yes! First and foremost we'll go over safe bedsharing practices. After that we will look at sleep associations that could be changed in order to get those longer stretches of sleep, while not changing the environment.


I don't want to let my baby "Cry It Out," are they other ways to achieve sleep success?

Absolutely! I promise I will never tell you to let your baby cry alone or for hours on end. That being said, as with any major change or new transition in a child's life (and adults!) tears are expected. Please be ready for those tears before beginning the sleep training, but with the understanding that you can still support them through that process.